Product Information

For best results, start with clean, dry hands before molding your Floof. Humidity, lotions and/or wet hands may cause Floof to leave a slight residue on hands. If this occurs, just wash and dry your hands before resuming play. Have fun!
• Easy Clean-up with damp cloth.
• Product is water soluble — do not mix with water.
• Safe and non-toxic formula — not for consumption.
• Store in a clean, dry container.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age grade is the product intended for?
We have tested and age graded Floof for 3+.
What about allergies?
Floof does not contain: wheat, gluten, oats, dairy, nuts or latex.
The product does contain glycerin.
What happens if I mix with water?
DO NOT MIX WITH WATER. Floof should not be in contact with water as it will dissolve. If there is any water spillage, immediately remove the wet Floof and dry the area completely.
What happens if it gets on the carpet?
The best way to clean Floof off the carpet is to roll the Floof together as it will stick to itself and then pick up. If really deep inside rub with water and vacuum up.

Certificate of Compliance

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